Sending a greeting to your loved ones, with a joyclee print.

Feb 15th 2014

Need inspiration for writing a greeting?  Check out some greetings from our other customers towards the end of this blog post.

At you can send an artist print with a personalized message to your loved ones.  You select an artist print which you know they will love, write a message to include with their print, enter their address and place your order. 
We take it from here!

Each joyclee is made to order.  Your joyclee is printed using our wide-format, giclee printer onto acid free paper with fade-resistant inks.  We print your loved one's message onto a separate card that is included in the envelope with their joyclee print. The envelopes are hand addressed and stamped, then mailed to your loved ones.

Helpful Tip:
We have provided a text box for you to enter your loved one's mailing address before adding their joyclee print to your cart.  During checkout, you might be prompted again, to enter both a billing and a mailing address.  You can enter your address for both. We use the 'Recipients address' text box from the order page as the address for where to send your loved one's joyclee print.  We use YOUR mailing address that you enter during checkout as the "Senders Address" on the envelope.

Is a joyclee a Personalized Greeting Card?

A joyclee is a miniature, frameable giclee print that you can send to a friend with a personalized greeting.  It is kind of like sending a greeting card, but with a bit of a twist.  You select an artist print that you know they will enjoy, and we mail it to your loved ones with your personalized greeting. They can choose to frame it, or display it unframed.

Need inspiration for you personalized greeting?

Look no further than here.  We have compiled some of our favorite greetings that other shoppers have sent to their loved ones.  These may inspire you when writing your note for your loved ones.  

We hope you will enjoy reading these!

"Hope you had a great birthday!"

"Stay safe in NY!" 

"Bringing you thoughts of Burlington even though you can’t visit right now! We love you guys! Xoxo"

"I thought this painting was cool! Happy Birthday!! Love and miss you. Stay safe and healthy!!"

"Happy Easter!! Just thought I'd drop you a note to say I love you and am praying for you! Stay well and safe. :)"

"Happy Easter!! Wish we could be celebrating together, but we will next year!! He IS Risen! Love you guys!"

"Sending cheery thoughts your way and when the time is right, Burlington awaits your arrival!"

"This made me think of you. It's sorta f****d up, but I really like it anyway. ;)"

"Thanking God for you, dear friends! Praying His joy for you today. With love in Him"

"Happy Easter! Sending lots of love and kisses."

"Happy trails, on horseback or on foot! Be safe and well."

"I think of you often. glad when we can get together again. Love you in Christ!"

"I love and miss you and I am so excited to be roommates again this next year! I hope these last few weeks of school go wonderfully! :)"

“Everyone has a friend during each stage of life, but only lucky ones have the same friend in all stages of life”

"Together we can face anything!"

"May You be Happy, May You be Healthy, May You be at Peace..."

"To My She-Ro! You are tiny but mighty! Love you lots..."

"Sending love and these bright colors your way from Vermont."

"Thank you for supporting our students and families at this challenging time."

These are just a sampling of the many greetings we have sent.  I hope that not only will they inspire you to send a greeting to your loved ones, but that they will also bring a little Spark of Joy to your day.  

Stay safe.  Stay well.  Spread joy.